13 December 2023

Welcome to the world of Flite

Sports Marine is proud to announce that we have partnered with Flite Board to be one of New Zealand's Flite Authorised Partners. With sales and serving available at both Auckland and Christchurch branches, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service both on and off the water.

What is Fliteboard?

The idea for a motorised hydrofoil arrived on a windless day in 2016 as a 'lightbulb moment'.

Flite's founder, former kite-surfing world record holder and serial entrepreneur David Trewern, was at a kitefoiling event when he thought: ‘What if I didn’t have to wait for the wind? What if I could just attach an electric motor to my foil?’

That dream became a sketch and the kitchen table, a workshop. The 3D printer went into overdrive and late nights became early mornings. Dozens of prototypes later, David flew for the first time.

‘It was magical. The feeling of freedom was like nothing else.’

Flite now has more than 330 authorised partners selling our boards, Fliteschools across the world, and offices in three countries: Australia, The Netherlands and The United States. The team now includes Naval Architects, Hydrodynamicists, Product Designers, Mechanical, Electronic and Software Engineers. We are focused on the intersection between electric vehicles and hydrofoil technology.

Flite's full range includes the easy riding AIR, popular and dynamic Fliteboard, adrenaline-inducing PRO, the acrobatic ULTRA, and the world’s lightest performance eFoil ULTRA L. Our latest innovations include Flitecell Nano (world’s lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery) and Flite Jet (world’s smallest eFoil jet), creating new benchmarks in electric marine power.

Learn more about Fliteboard here